Shaman paid to secure dry swearing in of Colombia's president

Shaman paid to secure dry swearing in of ColombiaThe shaman who was paid $12,000 to keep away rains at the U-20 World Cup Soccer was also paid to secure a sunny inauguration of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in 2010.
Jorge Elias Gonzalez, the shaman who apparently knows how to control the sky was hired by the President's Office to make sure that Santos wasn't going to get drenched while being sworn in as President of the Republic.

Amazon Tribe Says Brazil's "Pandora" Dam Polluting River

Amazon Tribe Says BrazilBrazil’s Arara tribe in Para state, home to the monstrous Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, has filed a complaint with Federal Public Attorneys saying that early-phase construction of the power plant is polluting the river with mud and dirt.

Australian panel to recommend changing constitution to recognize Aborigines

Australian panel to recommend changing constitution to recognize Aborigines(CNN) -- A panel of Australian citizens is expected to set the tone Thursday for a planned constitutional referendum to better recognize the indigenous population that inhabited the vast continent long before Europeans settled there.

When Customs Become Confusing

When Customs Become ConfusingWhen we accepted an invitation to the sweat lodge we had no idea that white people were going to be going in with us.
The directions given to me and a relative were supposed to lead us to the secluded area where the sweat was going to be held. The route was confusing and full of ndn descriptors: look for a red mailbox, turn by a pond, drive over two bridges, watch for a red ribbon tied around an old pole, etc.

Seven in court for Welbedacht stoning

Seven in court for Welbedacht stoningPARENTS that lost their baby allegedly stolen by a local Sangoma Picture: DOCTOR NGCOBO
Seven men – including a missing child’s father – arrested in connection with the stoning to death of a Welbedacht sangoma have appeared in separate court rooms at the Chatsworth Magistrate’s court.