Tradigital Human Ingenuity: A 100,000-Year-Old Story

Tradigital Human Ingenuity: A 100,000-Year-Old StoryHumans have been the most successful species on the planet (roaches and rats have done well, too). Scientists credit our success to three traits: technology innovation, group collaboration, and communication. Humans not only have all three abilities, but we excel at all three. The question of when we started being human and flexing our abilities has been coming under constant revision in recent years.

Hays High School grad gets close look at jungle life

Hays High School grad gets close look at jungle lifeFor centuries, the plants of the Peruvian rain forest have offered their healing properties to those who sought a cure for scores of ailments. Last month, a local Hays High School graduate had the opportunity to explore Peru's herbal medicines through a University of Kansas School of Pharmacy internship.

Why the world won't end in 2012

Why the world wonIf there's a word in Mayan for "malarkey" that's what shaman Gerardo Carrera thinks of Hollywood's end-of-days spin on Dec. 21, 2012. With Roland Emmerich's big-budget disaster movie 2012 riding a wave of studio publicity into theatres Nov. 13, people are talking about what seems to be the date the sophisticated Maya calendar runs out, perhaps triggering the downfall of civilization.

Carved trees bring indigenous history to life

Carved trees bring indigenous history to lifeFOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS Aboriginal groups in central NSW marked important ceremonial sites by carving beautiful, ornate designs on the trunks of trees. The carvings, comprising symbolic motifs, intricate swirls, circles and zigzags, were intended to be long-lasting but, instead, only a handful of the trees on which they were carved are still alive today.

Behind the shaman's mask

Behind the shamanShamanic rituals are a riotous display of color, music, dance and dramatic performance, their appeal often beyond our understanding. Shamans, with their reported psychic abilities and seeming supernatural powers, have been simultaneously feared and respected in every culture.