Lower Elwha Klallam tribe celebrates, works to help river recover

Lower Elwha Klallam tribe celebrates, works to help river recoverSwimming in pools of the Elwha River as a child, Adeline Smith pushed salmon out of the way, so thick were the fish in the lower river. "It was nothing to see them everywhere when us kids were in the water, especially in the deep holes. We would scare them away."

Promises of a ‘pir’: ‘We can cure anything — even dengue’

Promises of a ‘pir’: ‘We can cure anything — even dengue’“I have been wearing this ‘taveez’ (talisman) since I was a child. I believe it protects me not only from dengue but every other illness,” says Ali Hashmi, pointing to a charm around his neck. Hashmi – in his late twenties, works in Lahore and has not contracted the dengue fever yet – believes that every time he takes off the talisman, trouble finds him.

New Taipei hosts 'urban' aboriginal harvest festival

New Taipei hosts Taipei, Sept. 18 (CNA) Some 2,500 indigenous people in traditional aboriginal costumes celebrated their most important festival of the year in an urban setting in New Taipei Sunday rather in their more remote villages to thank the

Faith healer Mali celebrates award

Faith healer Mali celebrates awardWELL-KNOWN faith healer Nomthunzi "Mangconde" Mali and three other nominees were recognised for their community work when they received ecumenical awards at a ceremony on Wednesday night.

Peace Pipe Passed

Peace Pipe PassedKaryn Cissill of Palm Dessert, Calif., sixth generation grandchild to Chief Sleepy Eye, was in attendance to pass on the pipe to the Sleepy Eye Area Historical Society.
Karyn is the last of Chief Sleepy Eye’s lineage.
Bryan Jon Maciewski, an Ojibwa Native American Spiritual Leader from Cloquet, lead the ceremony with prayers as the sacred pipe was lit and smoked in Native American tradition.