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TEMPLEMAKING: The complete guide for creating a portal of energy. Anywhere.

TEMPLEMAKING: The complete guide for creating a portal of energy. Anywhere.

Region: Nationwide
Location: anywhere


For the first time ever, the processes that make the world's greatest temples such unique power places have been carefully studied, suitably distilled for our modern age, and elegantly presented in this double DVD.

Brimming with ancient wisdom and step-by-step practical demonstrations, this unique double-DVD will show you how to use these easy to understand laws and transform a normal room, a home, a garden, even a city into a temple: a portal of living, creative energy.

Using The Seven Principles of Templemaking you will be taught:

- the art of attracting magnetic lines of earth energy and veins of water

- how to apply sacred measure

- sacred geometry, its meanings and appropriate manifesting potential

- the correct use of stone and crystal

- the cardinal directions, how to use them and what they mean

- how to use intent as an attractor and a creative force

For thousands of years, Mysteries Schools around the world taught that by applying the Law of Attraction you can create your own sanctuary for manifesting, communing, healing, reflection or repose qualities that are very much in need during times social turbulence.

In this DVD you will also be taught the real Seven Laws of Manifestation and how to fine-tune ability to attract what matters in your life.

Filmed in documentary-style at famous locations, this culmination of two decades of on-site experience takes you from a mere spectator and transforms you into a true co-creator.

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