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Death, Dying, and Beyond Psychopomp Training with Gail Gulick

Death, Dying, and Beyond Psychopomp Training with Gail Gulick

Start date: June 9th, 2018
End date: June 10th, 2018
Region: Southeast
Location: Athens, Georgia


In this workshop we will explore the shamanic perspective on death and dying, and actively engage with the power of death as a profound path of shamanic initiation.

We will learn ways in which to help those who are engaged in the end of life process to prepare for their imminent passing, and discuss ways in which a successful crossing may be inhibited. Techniques will be explored for assisting disembodied souls whose crossing was unsuccessful to complete their journey to the Afterlife.

Ways in which to cultivate a path of power so that we may be power-filled when engaging in shamanic work will be discussed.

We will explore the cosmology of the Afterlife, hold a ceremony for assisting a group of discarnate souls who are seeking assistance in completing their way to the Afterlife, and offer psychopomp assistance to a loved one who has passed on.

We will also discuss the ethics and principles for doing Psychopomp work, as well as the the use of language and the importance of a respectful perspective surrounding each individual's personal paradigm regarding their spiritual beliefs surrounding death and dying.

Tuition: $220

The instructor, Gail Gulick, is authorized by Sandra Ingerman as a teacher of psychopomp and other shamanic healing techniques.

Pre-Requisites for Applying to this training include:

* Demonstrated success with shamanic journeying, including:
* Upper and lower world journeying.
* A strong relationship with your power animal and spirit teacher.

This training is designed for participants who are experienced with shamanic journeying, and allied with their compassionate helping spirits, and is not intended as a vehicle for participant's own healing.

Space is limited. Please email Gail to register:

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