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Shamanic Journeys

Shamanic Journeys

Start date: May 25th, 2018
End date: May 27th, 2018
Region: Northeast
Location: Putney, VT


The heroic and shamanic journeys weave throughout human history. Each requires the protagonist to journey into another order of reality, a landscape of magic and mystery… eventually returning with new and more authentic power.

The unknown is far greater than the known, and all spiritual traditions remove energy from ordinary, consensual reality, and point to what’s beyond… the fluid and magical world of the unknown.

We’ll investigate these mysterious and magical expanses of the soul, using shamanic journeying and breathwork to fling open the windows to the unconscious with its vibrant and mysterious vistas, and exploring ways to invite this energy into the dream of daily life.

Sparrow Hart has been guiding vision quests and rites of passage for the last 30 years while teaching courses and workshops on shamanism, the hero’s journey, and finding the path of heart.

Cost – $325 – includes food.

Phone – 802-387-6624
Click on “Shamanic Journeys” under the Weekend Workshops tab at

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