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The Call to Adventure

The Call to Adventure

Start date: June 1st, 2018
End date: June 3rd, 2018
Region: Northeast
Location: Petersham, MA


All cultures have created rites of passage in which the adolescent bids goodbye to dependency and becomes an adult. The Call to Adventure is for men and women ready to discover their own strengths and truths, experience what’s authentic and alive within them, and realize who they are outside any view of who they should be. It’s for those ready to move forward, claiming a path of personal vision, power, and authenticity.

The Call to Adventure is a deep dive into our present-day psyches, beginning the journey only we can take. Meeting one weekend a month for 3 months, we’ll break out of the superficial and soul-deadening roles our culture lays out for us and explore what it means to live heroically, embracing a larger story and bigger “dream,” one that can heal our relationships, families, and communities.

June 1-3... June 29 – July 1... August 3-5

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