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Ayahuasca Retreat: Shamanic sacred plants

Ayahuasca Retreat: Shamanic sacred plants

Region: Brazil
Location: Itacare, Bahia


11 - 18 AUGUST

During this 7 day ayahuasca retreat participants will have the opportunity to learn:
Guided imagery meditations designed to trigger the hidden obstacles and bringing then to the awareness in order to determine the intentions for the whole retreat
Progressive relaxation skills for accessing deeper states of being through consciousness expansion
Enhance communication with the spiritual realm conducive to transcendence
A power point presentation about shamanism and sacred plants
Regular morning yoga classes and individual tuition on request
Guided meditations and visualizations including childhood regression, past, future or parallel realities
Regular group discussions and sharing
Healthy and nutritious diet specially designed for ayahuasca
Beach and jungle walks (optional)
Massage (optional extra)
During this retreat, three (3) ayahuasca ceremonies will take place at our temple. Participation is optional and not required to partake in the program.

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