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Ayahuasca Retreat: Realigning with your Higher Self

Ayahuasca Retreat: Realigning with your Higher Self

Region: Brazil
Location: Itacare, Bahia


14 -21 JULY 2014

This program is based on proven and effective techniques from various disciplines, including teachings from shamanic practices, ancient mystery schools and modern transpersonal studies. Initiations into higher states of being by way of ayahuasca, imagery-rich guided meditations, and one’s own higher self are part of this program.
-How to release blocks and karmic patterns that hinder your spiritual growth
-How to contact and receive impressions from nature spirits
-How to consciously connect with one’s own higher self
-Regular morning yoga classes and individual tuition on request
-Guided meditations and visualizations including childhood regression, past, future or parallel realities
-Regular group discussions and sharing

During this retreat, 4 ayahuasca ceremonies will take place at our temple. Note that participation in these ceremonies is optional.

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