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Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Iboga Journeys

Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Iboga Journeys

Region: Costa Rica
Location: Buena Vista, 30 min from Liberia Airport Costa Ric


Iboga House is a shamanic healing center that works with the sacred plant medicine from Gabon, Africa, called Iboga. The center is conveniently located in Costa Rica and was founded by 10th generation Bwiti Shaman, Moughenda Mikala.

Iboga House prides itself on delivering the amazing Bwiti ceremony and practice: an ancient spiritual tradition developed by the pygmies, around Iboga, other wise known as the “Tree of Life”. Bridging the gap between the spiritual knowledge and medicine of the Bwiti and the people in the Western World that desperately need deep healing and awakening.

Iboga has been kept secret for centuries by many tribes in Gabon. In 2006, it's country of origin declared Iboga it's national treasure. Being from Gabon our shaman Moughenda has special permission to take Iboga out of the country in order to complete his mission, as told to him by spirits, which is to; "spread the healing of the iboga root to the world"

Recent scientific studies reveal that Iboga dramatically reduces or halts addiction and cravings while increasing neuro-plasticity in the brain. Many people report feeling their mind reset, and a lot more free and clear.

The Bwiti holds ancient keys and codes of shamanic healing, soul retrievals, and safe practices with Iboga and other plant medicines and spirits.

All treatment and ceremony services at the Iboga House are provided in a retreat setting on a mountain-side ranch in beautiful Costa Rica by Moughenda and his Shamanic Iboga Providers.

All applicants to the 8 day program are reviewed on an individual bases.

Email or call today to find out more info: , 1-888-624-3103

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