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Free Teleclass: Ethnobotany of Mesa Verde

Region: West
Location: Call from anywhere


The land of Mesa Verde is best known for the cliff dwellings built there by the Ancestral Puebloans. It encompasses several microclimates where a wide diversity of plants are found.

In this class, we seek to understand the relationship of plants to this complex and varied land. We will also focus on the traditional relationship between the land and the people who were sustained by their knowledge of plants. We will focus on plant identification, the practical and medicinal use of plants, and plant cultivation methods in the Mesa Verde area. We will also study the role of the Kachina, whose name, in Hopi, means "life bringer” and will seek to understand the Kachina's role in mediating the Ancestral Puebloans' understanding of the natural world, the world of plants, and the world of spirit.

Call 415.333.1434 or visit our website for more information.

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