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AYAHUASCA WORKSHOP - Yacu Puma Healing Center

AYAHUASCA WORKSHOP - Yacu Puma Healing Center

Region: Peru
Location: Iquitos


The Yacu Puma Center will be hosting 11 days expedition this Feb.24th - Mar.5th, 2012. We are glad to invite you all to our retreat.

The Center is located in Iquitos, a city on the great Amazon River in Peru. It's a great opportunity to experience an authentic healer (shaman), culture in the Amazon rain forest and connect to your soul. We will have 4 Ayahuasca sessions, 5 days tour to our jungle camp and some more activities. The center belongs to Juan Tangoa Paima, a healer (shaman) with more then 48 years of ayahuasca experience and the ceremonies will be conduct by him. You're all welcome to come.

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