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Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts & Training

Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts & Training

Start date: December 1st, 2010
End date: December 31st, 2010
Region: Nationwide
Location: Online International


Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts & Training "A School Without Walls"

We are currently registering for the 18th session of our 4-year Mystery School, The Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training, which begins in February 2011 Please see our fabulous “Pre-Registration Package Offer”, details below...
*Pre-Registration Package Offer ends December 31, 2010!*
The Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training (LACSAT) will provide you with tools of empowerment to use in your everyday life. While you will be working at your own pace, from your own home, you will need to complete certain elements of this course in time for two gatherings a year, the Joshua Tree Event (May/June) and the Storm Eagle Training (early November).

Apprentices come into this circle of teaching for a myriad of reasons and all are welcome. As Agnes reminds us the greatest gift we can give the world is our own enlightenment. This journey will enrich your soul, brining you a greater sense of your purpose in this life, and provide you with the opportunity to be part of a powerful, loving and supportive community of sacred beings. And for some this training becomes the foundation of building a spiritual practice as a shaman healer. Through our work together you have the opportunity to become a certified Spiritual Healer and an Ordained Minister with tools and skills you can us in the world.

Defining shamanic power is not necessarily a process of adding on more information, but a re-defining and a re-inventing of what appears simple and already knowable. Within certain aspects of these realms the greatest powers are held. This School will help you define that power.

To find out all the details go to:

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