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Region: Peru
Location: Amazon Jungle and Sacred Valley of the Inka


&Earth Spirit Yoga Retreats travel to the Amazon jungle and the Andes mountains for sacred ceremonies with powerful shamans, keepers of ancient wisdom.

We share Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazon with our jungle shaman to free the soul for deep healing and transformation.

In ancient Inka temples we experience traditional ceremonies and rites with the Q'ero, the direct descendants of the Inka, to create harmony and a stronger connection with Mother Earth and ourselves, inspiring a more earth honouring vision of the world.
The retreat encompasses a week in the Amazon working with Ayahuasca ceremonies in the evenings and yoga during the day. The focus of this work is on setting intentions to create clarity and clearing and cleansing to allow healing and transformation.

Three Ayahuasca ceremonies are organised to work in this way during our Amazon Lodge stay.

At the completion of our stay in the Amazon we travel to the high Andes to continue our work with the Q'ero Shamans with the focus being on Gratitude and harmony.

The Q'ero perform their offering ceremonies known as Despachos, followed by their powerful energy transmissions, known as Karpay's, which empower us for this evolutionary time that we are experiencing now as we head into 2012 and envision 2013.

We invite you to join us on our transformational Peru retreats.

June September 1st to 13th 2010
Cost US $2690

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