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Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak

Region: Mexico
Location: internet courses and worldwide


Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak offer retreats in Mexico, the U.S. and Europe as well as internet courses. Here is a description of the internet courses which can be undertaken on their own or complementing their retreat programmes.

1. The wise intuitive healer – 6 month supervised conscious dreaming.

2. Practical conscious dream training. One year course.

3. Intuitive shamanic practitioner training. Two year course.


1. The wise intuitive healer

6 month supervised conscious dreaming with one optional weekend event.

This six month programme is designed to help the participant open to their intuitive wisdom, and to their healing ability. The premise is that each individual has everything they need to know and that the work is to learn how to enter the library and how to read the material. This cellular library has all the information on how the physical body connects with thought, with emotion and with spirit. It shows the context of the individual within time and within culture, their relation with the earth, and with the universe. The information is very precise and yet very poetic. It answers the practical day to day questions of living, working and relationships, as well as the broader questions of the human role on planet earth. The wisdom that we will be accessing will not only arise in the form of words, but also as images, emotions, sensations and other types of sensory activity.

The word 'dream’ in the title here refers to the 24-hour intuitive information which is permanently available. We relate the dream of the night to the dream of the day. We deepen our powers of listening to the information that is arising every second whether our eyes are open or are closed. We become conscious of the way we are being dreamed and the way that we dream. We meet our own dreamer who dreams us, and this enables us to become conscious co-creators of our own dream of our own life.

The course would be suitable for anyone who wants to know who they are, why they are on the planet, and what is their soul purpose and journey through time and space. It is also applicable for those consciously on a healing path either for themselves or for healing others. Healing is understood to be a balanced understanding of mind, body, spirit, and emotion, and the essential healing principle is ‘letting go’.

Individual consultations.

Individual consultations are based on a temple journey with your dreaming body. The dreaming body is not limited by time and space like the physical body, and so through the dreaming body we can directly communicate with you. The first consultation would be dealing with your specific practise, and also with any issues you wish to address, any night dreams that you wish to work with, and also with your ‘intent’ for this course. Subsequent consultations would be dealing more specifically with practices and issues that have arisen from your practise. The consultations are from the place of the desert temple by Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak. You can also specify if you want one or the other or both to work with your dreaming body. The desert temple is at the end of the Huricuta pilgrimage route. The Huricuta is the ancient pilgrimage route of the indigenous tribes to the sacred mountain in the desert area of San Luis Potosi. The mountain is, for these tribes, where the sun was born. It is the place of the creative fire. Our temple in The Centre of the Conscious Dream is situated under the view of this powerful ancestral presence. It is an inter-dimensional vortex and is a perfect place to work with the dreaming body. We open to the energies in the desert in order to help you wherever you may live. This is possible through working with the dreaming body and the internet. If you have worked with one of us before, then we would already have met your dreaming body. If you have never worked with us, we would ask you to send a photo, and ask you to answer some questions about your life experience, and any creative or spiritual paths in which you have been involved.

There are six modules for this course.

1. Meditation. Breath awareness as the foundation of understanding the truth of our present moment. Presenting the eyes with the space to see. Techniques of opening. Techniques of focusing intent. Walking meditations. The walk of power. The walk of intent. Spiral walk.

2. The Medicine Wheel. The four directions - North, East, South, and West are related to the four elements - Air, Fire, Earth and Water. We are all made of the four elements. The elements are related to Mind (Air), Spirit (Fire), Body (Earth), and emotion (Water). This technique teaches the individual their strong and weak elements and how to balance them. The medicine in this wheel is balance.

Trees. Ways of seeing. The doors of perception. The dreaming body. Learning to extend energy from the human body to another energy body. Learning how to receive information from another energy body. The wisdom of the breath. The expanding lungs. The breath of the human and the breath of the tree. Extending breath into the earth, into the sky. The breath of the universe. The big self and the little self.

4. Rocks. The library. ‘Stone people’ hold memory. We learn how to read the memory held in stones. This will help us to read the memory held in our bones. Deep history. Time travel. Journey into the cellular history of the human body. Journey into the cellular history of the Earth Identifying memories held – time traps. Memory release from the body. Memory release from the earth. Body space clearing. Earth space clearing. Freeing the body to dance. Human body, earth body.

Animal guides. Animals as guides into different parts of the human body. Information linking different animal guides, different body parts as states of being. Learning how to be in a body. The animal in the human as a guide or teacher for another human. Receiving animal intent. Projecting (giving) animal intent. Teachers of the movement between dimensions. Animals as guides of death (transformation from one dream state to another dream state).

Human teachers of the dream. Humans who are either still in body or no longer in body as teachers of our dreaming. Family, friend teachers. Archetypal teachers – Buddha, North American Indian, shaman, priest, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, Shakti, Earth Mother, Isis etc. Spirit guides. Developing and maintining connection with spirit teachers.

Daniel Stone

Arbolita Pashak

(See biographies pages on

The cost of the six-month event is £373 (US$490) for the consultations. This can be paid as one payment or by monthly bank standing order (if this is possible where you live). It does not include the cost of the optional weekend event. Typically, weekend events cost around £100 (US$150) Events take place in Britain, the Isle of Man, Prague, Mexico and the U.S. The cost includes a copy of the book – ‘The dreamer who dreams you – the shaman, the Buddha and the conscious dream’ by Daniel Stone.

To participate in this course, please write to

2. The wise intuitive healer – Practical conscious dream training.

Internet course with one or two weekend events.

Please read all the information in the six month 'Wise Intuitive Healer' course. The practical conscious dream training one year course takes on a further six modules.

1. The conscious planet. The planet earth as a sensing, feeling, thinking, hearing, tasting, speaking, singing, dancing, highly intelligent and highly evolved being.

2. Crystalline intelligence. The properties of crystal. The inner crystal skull. Connecting to our crystalline DNA. Connecting to the crystalline grid in the planet. The relation between star and earth. The planet Earth as a conscious being. The deep past and the deep future. The human, the earth, the star, and the universe. The human role in the universe.

3. Teacher plants. Listening to the way in which plants can heal. Listening to how medicine ‘talks’ in the body.

4. Sacred sites. Working with sacred sites in your area. Learning to read the ruins. Listening to history reveal itself. The carved block and the uncarved block. The language of lands. The messages of the earth body to the human body.

5. Dream states. Dreamtime. Places to be. The movement between dreams as dimensions. The relation between the dream of this life, and the dream of a former life. The relation between the dream of this life, and the dream of the next life. Linking dreams. The dream of the earth and other planetary dreams. Star dreams. The human as a channel and mind link between one dream state and another.

6. Time and timelessness. Self and no self. Being and not being. Karma and no karma. The visible and the invisible. Infinity in body.

With each module, we will be looking for ways to integrate the information that you have received through your dreaming body into your daily life. We are looking at practical ways in which the information you receive from these practises can be useful to you and others, in the context of your healing, healing others, your creativity, your clarity of intent for this lifetime, your relationships, work, and your moment to moment attentions.

Weekend events

The weekend events will be taking place in Britain, the Isle of Man, Prague, Mexico and the U.S. The first event will be a conscious dreaming weekend, and the second event, the initiation into the crystalline intelligence (the inner crystal skull). In some cases, one weekend only may be possible per year, and in these cases, it may be possible to prepare by internet for the initiation only. The weekend events are a very important part of the work, as they teach the participant how to dream consciously in a circle as well as dreaming as an individual.

The cost of the one year event is ₤733 (US$1080) payable over two six month instalments, or by monthly bank standing order (if this is possible where you live). It does not include the cost the weekend event and the initiation. The cost includes a copy of the course book – ‘The dreamer who dreams you – the shaman, the Buddha and the conscious dream’ by Daniel Stone.

For all details, please write to

3. Intuitive Shamanic Practitioner Training. Two year course.

(one year if the full desert training is completed)

Internet supervised training, two weekend events, and two three/four day events.

Please read first the full programme for the one year practical conscious dreaming training.

The second year of this course will be focusing on your practise. You would have developed by now a sense of how to work with your dreaming body, and a deeper knowledge of who you are. It is difficult to help other people unless we can help ourselves. In this second year, we deepen into the practical applications. In particular, we will be focusing on developing your intuitive healing abilities, both for yourself and for others, and we will be giving specific practises for use on yourself and on others. These techniques will be particularly useful for those on a self-healing path, for those who have an existing practise in any form of healing, and for those who wish to establish a healing practise.

The essential principle we are following in this course is that diagnosis and healing cannot be comprehensive by the healer focusing only on psychological, emotional and physical aspects of an individual. One also has to take into account the spiritual aspect, and so complete the medicine wheel - air/mind, fire/spirit, earth/body, and water/emotion. By opening to mind, body, spirit and emotion we can find balance within the medicine wheel of both ourselves and the client.

The healer also will not see the full picture of diagnosis and therefore healing if the client is seen in terms of a human individual only. Each human individual has an interconnected relation with the planet earth and all its beings, as well as with the other planets in our solar system, the galaxy, and indeed, the universe. Consciousness. One could say that the full healing of any individual is the healing of the planet, and the universe. The healing of consciousness.

In this course, the facilitators understand the natural state of consciousness as the free movement of thought matter, or thought-forms. This level of the word ‘thought’ includes all that is visible and invisible. The natural state of this conscious movement is a cosmic dance. To experience full health would be to experience the beautiful free movement of the universal dance.

An illness is a block or an impediment to this dance, so ‘letting go’ as in the six month, and one year courses, is still the essential healing principle which we are working.

In this course, we will be looking at the healing relation between mind, body, spirit, and emotion, as well as the healing relation of the human with the earth, the planets, the stars, and the universe.


1. Cleaning and clearing spaces. Cleaning and clearing the physical body, the space where you are working inside, and spaces outside. Space clearing. Clearing your personal space, aspects of your memory and things that no longer serve you. Clearing earth spaces, particularly natural, ancient and modern temples.

2. Listening to your guides. Plant guides, animal guides, human guides, guides of colour, of abstract form, and of pure feeling or presence. Listening to the movement of the earth through time, aligning human time lines with earth time lines.

3. Developing and sustaining working relations with spirit guides. Ways of developing very personal heart-felt sure methods and techniques from your guides. Practising these techniques on yourself and willing others. Listening to the earth and earth beings to feel what healing techniques work for them.

4. The art of discernment. Understanding the difference between interference and assistance. Guides that hinder and guides that help. Developing the intuitive sense of knowing. The walk of clarity. The earth, like the human, as a body with clear and blocked areas. Finding the blocks in the human and the earth bodies.

5. Tools of the trade. Following the guides, opening up to the following possible tools – Healing through touch, healing through sound, healing through smell, healing through vision, healing through movement. Finding the technique that suits you. Working with traditional and innovative techniques. Detailed assistance will be given depending on the tools you choose, or are chosen for you by your guides. We begin to define and refine the techniques. If you have an existing practise, we work with ways of usefully expanding and extending your practise. Working more intuitively within your practise. Earth healing practices.

6. Seeing yourself, seeing others. Working with mirrors. Working with ‘seeing’ another’s dreaming body. Each person will have a different way of doing this, and so will be guided accordingly. Learning to distinguish between what is being presented and what is real. ‘Seeing’ the dreaming bodies of trees, rocks, and animals. ‘Seeing’ the dreaming body of the earth.

7. Letting go of ‘knowing’ and opening to a deeper sense of ‘knowledge’ which cannot be explained by the rational mind. That is, opening to your intuitive wisdom to the level where you no longer have the need to explain it to yourself. Leaving the rational mind to rest a while. The explanations will come in good time. Your deep intuitive wisdom. The spontaneous walk. Allowing the earth to lead.

8. Deep trust. The ability to trust yourself, and the ability to trust others. The ability to open to spaces of trust in yourself and in others. The ability to listen to spaces and wait for that inner movement.

9. Case study – you. Having developed the tools, you work comprehensively on yourself, and develop your own case study of you.

10. Case study – other. Working with friends or willing recipients. The form of the consultation, the form in which you will move through time. Clarifying your techniques. Feeling now, what actually works.

11. Case study – the earth. Working with the planet. Taking all your healing knowledge to the planet earth, and feeling in what way you can be of assistance.

12. Case study – consciousness. Opening to consciousness. Selflessness. Service. In what way is what you have learnt useful to the universe – to consciousness?


Each participant would be expected to take part in four group events during the two year period. Weekend and longer events will teach the participant to work within a group as will as by yourself, which is a very important part of the training. In some cases, this may not be physically possible, as in some countries, only one event is offered per year. In this case, we may suggest alternative possibilities to develop working with the circle.


Neither of the facilitators have received certificates from shamans, because indigenous shamans do not give certificates. The completion of this course does not make you a shaman. However, we appreciate that within the context that your life and possibly practise, a certificate that shows you have completed this course would be useful to you. If you intend to use the certificate to practise, we would ask you to complete fifteen case studies. These studies do not have to be completed by the end of the two year period.

The cost of the one year event is ₤1466 (US$2200) payable over four six month instalments, or by monthly bank standing order (if this is possible where you live). It does not include the cost the weekend event and the initiation. The cost includes a copy of the course book – ‘The dreamer who dreams you – the shaman, the Buddha and the conscious dream’ by Daniel Stone.

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