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Daniel Stone

Region: Mexico
Location: Mexico and internet


This work explores the relation between sound and colour. The paintings can be seen as dances or songs.

The base of the song is the four elements. The arrangement of the elements placed in the four cardinal directions is called the Medicine Wheel, an ancient healing tool. The healing is in the balance of mind, body, spirit and emotion. The exhibition is centred around these four songs or vibrations of colour that sing to harmonise the space in time.

The other paintings, songs, dances, sing or vibrate different ‘dreams’. The word ‘dream’ refers not only to the activity of the mind at night. The ‘dream’ here refers to dimension or reality. The dream can be a human, animal, elemental, tree, rock, planetary, or stellar dimension, or a dimension without fixed form.

The dream of the painting sings to the observer who listens (sees) the song of colours. The concept of the song to transmit information is very traditional. The song of colour communicates directly with the centres of energy (called chakras) of the observer. Colours are frequencies of that relate with the frequency of the human body and influence the mood, thoughts, feelings of that person and also of the space. The change in the observer is also transmitted through the body of the observer to the ‘body’ of the earth.

The human is the receiver and transmitter of frequencies between one dream and another.

The paintings, songs, dreams, were created within a consciousness of the movement through time. The painter, in the shamanic role, travels through time to present to the viewer doorways to prepare for the individual and planetary transformation (the very beautiful art of dying).

Daniel stone was born in England, and now lives in Mexico. He exhibits his work in Mexico, England, the U.S. and Peru. He is the author of The Dreamer Who Dreams You’

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