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Hey! Where did all my Power Animals Go?
Andy Groggel, M.A. (5 votes)

The Call to Gather, The Call to Serve
Patricia Turner, Founder (1 vote)

Can the orishas heal racial injustice?
Marsha Scarbrough (2 votes)

As The Wind Blows
Kevin Alexander (1 vote)

The World I Dreamed is Illumined
Llyn "Cedar" Roberts (4 votes)

Leap of Consciousness
Andrew Steed (1 vote)

Medicine Drum of Many Colors
Martha Lucier (5 votes)

Shamanism isn't a Magic Bullet
Andy Groggel, M/.A. (9 votes)

The Daughter of the Mother
Nancy Lankston (4 votes)

Return of Mermaid Girl
Nancy Lankston (3 votes)

The Pain of a Fragmented Soul
Aamirah Branch (5 votes)

Shamanism is an Action Verb, Part 1
Steve Serr, Ph.D., MDiv (3 votes)

Shamanism is an Action Verb, Part 2
Dr. Steve Serr (1 vote)

The Nature of Death
Peter Michael (28 votes)

Elemental Flow
Nancy Lankston (4 votes)

The Importance of Power Animals in Contemporary Western Shamanism
Andy Groggel, M.A. & Erica Christensen (14 votes)