U Shein Sayargyi

2012-01-31 13:23:54

U Shein SayargyiA shaman and healer from Yangon in Myanmar. Mainly working with people releasing their possessions and occupations of other spirits he later began to heal with medical plant and developed a remedy called Gold Ash-Powder. The exact composition and the production process were given to him through visions and dreams by his „Devas“. He is very well known in the most parts of South-East Asia, due to his spectacular healing successes. He is the founder and director of a healing- and training center near Yangon.

Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez

2012-01-02 09:19:16

Don Agustin Rivas VasquezThrough his music and healing powers, Don Agustin is a master alchemist, who knows how to massage the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies, and bring well-being to people's lives. He embodies, in my opinion, what shamanism is all about; namely, the personal engagement with the manifold forces surrounding us, and the capacity to turn them into beneficent and beautiful energy patterns to bring health, love, happiness and prosperity into people's lives. Don Agustin not only engages the natural and supernatural forces surrounding us, but also the very concrete forces of modernization impinging evermore on cultures and traditions in remote areas of the world. He embraces and welcomes change, and can turn consumer objects into magical healing tools, and pollutants such as stress into fertilizer for the earth.

Don Mariano Quispe

2011-11-28 09:52:20

Don Mariano QuispeDon Mariano Quispe, a beloved elder of the Q'eros people of Peru, has served his community as a pampamesayoq (a healer-ceremonialist who works with despachos and other natural elements of the earth) since he was young. He was recognized by his community four years ago as a Kurak Akulleq, a title reserved for only the most highly esteemed of healer-ceremonialists, in recognition of his clear spiritual vision and healing gifts.

A maestro of the ceremonies of haywarikuy (more often known as despachos), don Mariano is also well known for skillful diagnosis as part of traditional healing practices; he primarily uses coca divinations and expert reading of the body's multiple pulse points to determine what is out of balance in the patient's body and life.

Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf

2011-11-01 09:33:18

Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf“A Warrior Woman.” She is native Apache and Mohawk lineage, a poet, songwriter, singer, activist and ceremonial leader. A two-time winner of the Chicago Critics Poetry Award, winner of the Helen Caldecott Humanitarian Award for Women and many other prestigious honors, a delegate to the U.N. Conferences on Human Environment, Spirituality, and the Decolonization of Indigenous People, and the World Conference of Spiritual Leaders.

Wovoka - Jack Wilson

2011-10-02 13:02:32

Wovoka - Jack WilsonKnown as the messiah to his followers, Wovoka was the Paiute mystic whose religious pronouncements spread the Ghost Dance among many tribes across the American West. Wovoka was born in Western Nevada, in what is now Esmeralda County, in about 1856. Little is known about his early life, but at about age fourteen his father died, leaving Wovoka to be raised by the family of David Wilson, a nearby white rancher. Wovoka soon took the name Jack Wilson, by which he was broadly known among both neighboring whites and Indians, and worked on Wilson's ranch well into adulthood. He learned to speak English and apparently had a fair amount of contact with Christianity.