2011-02-01 11:40:18

By Kathy Doore

Markawasi by Kathy DooreMarkawasi details the true account of an ancient lost humanity of mysterious origin, whose hidden legacy carved gigantic, towering stone monuments, pointing to a message with predictions for the future.

In this beautifully-illustrated, photo guidebook by author Kathy Doore, readers will be carried on a journey of self-discovery through one of the most mystical and breathtaking places on earth - the Markawasi Stone Forest. First discovered in Peru in 1952, and soaring 12,000 feet above the Pacific coast on the western-most ridge of the Peruvian Andes, Markawasi was virtually unknown to the English-speaking world a decade ago.

Way of the Ancient Healer: Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions

2010-12-31 08:55:36

By Virgil Mayor Apostol

Way of the Ancient Healer: Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions by Virgil Mayor Apostol"In Way of the Ancient Healer, Virgil Mayor Apostol brilliantly blends the art and science of the sacred teachings of Filipino traditional healing to help people find their path toward health and happiness."
—Deepak Chopra,

It provides an overview of the rich tradition of Filipino healing practices, discussing their origins, world influences, and role in daily life. Enhanced with over 300 photographs and illustrations, the book combines years of historical research with detailed descriptions of the spiritual belief system that forms the foundation of these practices. Giving readers a rare look at modern-day Filipino healing rituals.

Shaman in Disguise

2010-11-30 15:10:33

By Wendy Taylor

Shaman in Disguise by Wendy TaylorExtraordinary true story of a woman living the ultimate life style who wakes up one morning to find she can see into the future, she is also aware of dramatic events happening simultaneously miles away. For six weeks she moves in this mystical realm without the Western rational concept of time, this ability suddenly vanishes and knowing her life can never return to how it was, she sets out on a spiritual quest. This search takes her on adventurous journeys, to synchronistic meetings and initiations and ceremonies with indigenous people in the furthest reaches of the world. These days she is recognized and respected as a healer and shapeshifter and honored by powerful shamans from many different Countries as far as Siberia, South Africa and Brazil.

The View Through the Medicine Wheel: Shamanic Maps of How the Universe Works

2010-11-01 09:05:47

By Leo Rutherford

The View Through the Medicine Wheel: Shamanic Maps of How the Universe Works by Leo RutherfordNative American wisdom teachings of the Medicine Wheel explain how the Cosmos works and our place in it. Our ancestors saw the world in terms of circles and life cycles. The Star Maiden's Circle reflects life through the eight directions. This book of life maps shows you how to avoid pitfalls and master your own self.

Teachings of the Santería Gods: The Spirit of the Odu

2010-09-30 12:51:23

By Ócha'ni Lele

Teachings of the Santería Gods: The Spirit of the Odu by ÓchaThe first book to explore the sacred myths of Santería
• Includes more than 100 myths, stories, and histories about the odu and the orishas
• Reassembles the oral fragments from the African diaspora into coherent stories
• Demonstrates that the African peoples, specifically the Yoruba, were deeply spiritual
At the core of the diloggún--the sacred divination system of Santería--are the sacred stories known as the patakís, narratives whose themes are as powerful and relevant today as they were in the minds of the ancient Yoruba who safeguarded them. Each patakí is connected to one or more of the 16 odu, the principal creative forces of Santería. Some recount the lives of orishas on earth, others the lives of individuals in heaven, and some tell of the odu themselves, for even they once walked the earth as mortals.
The first book to explore these ancient African stories in English, Teachings of the Santería Gods recounts more than 100 of these sacred parables, including many stories reassembled from the oral tradition of the African diaspora. Ranging from creation myths to what happens when a love potion works far too well, these stories share the wisdom and spirituality of the Yoruba people of ancient Africa and form the living, oral bible of one of the world’s fastest-growing faiths.