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with Ken Robinson

Ken RobinsonShamanic Star Knowledge is based on an ancient way of seeking guidance from the stars. It is knowledge that has been brought forth while spirit journeying into the night sky to meet with the Spirits and Sky Beings. These incredibly loving and enormously intelligent Beings, which include the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, are eager to help us humans awaken. They are excited to assist us in creating a new paradigm on our planet.

The knowledge and energies they generously offer are extraordinary life-enhancing gifts. Ken Robinson is the founder and teacher of Shamanic Star Knowledge. From his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he offers Star Chart Readings, Apprenticeships, and Classes. His in-depth study of astrology originated in 1980. In 1995, he began his long-term apprenticeship in an ancient Peruvian shamanic tradition. Inspired, he used his shamanic abilities to journey to the stars. After many years of gathering star knowledge, Ken began teaching Shamanic Star Knowledge in 2005. His articles have been published in astrological magazines and he has been a frequent guest on various radio shows. 

For more information, please visit www.shamanicstarknowledge.com or the sister site, www.aquarianastrology.com. Ken can be reached at ken@eraoftheheart.com

Weekly Forecast for Humanity's Awakening

Jupiter in Virgo - A Journey into Well-BeingÖ 8.16.2016

What experiences have you had in your life that give you hope for a wonderful existence? Are you now living the life your heart really beats for? Where are you heading and what would you regret not doing in your future?

Your life is your journey. It is personal to you and has the potential to be amazing, filled with love, freedom, and meaning. If it doesn't feel that way, arenít you telling yourself something? What needs to change?

Jupiter, the planet of seeking and discovering, has just moved into Virgo and will be there for a little over a year.* Virgo speaks to your personal well-being and to the well-being of nature and all life. You now have a window of time to make the most of this life-enhancing energy configuration.

Your well-being certainly is your affair and you can take the matter into your own hands and go for it. By being willing and by answering questions like those above, you will make significant headway into making needed changes. It all starts with the inner awakening of your feeling-awareness. By paying attention to what your awareness feels like, you can learn by trial and error to purposefully direct it. YOU and THE SKILLFUL USE OF YOUR AWARENESS are very important! They are at the HEART OF YOUR POWER to live a full, peaceful, and passionate life.

Your happiness and health depend on how you use your awareness. When you direct it into such feelings like deep caring, endless curiosity, and big wonder, you will feel more alive and new doors will open up for you. You will see things about yourself and life that you never saw before. You will explore uncountable possibilities and express your delicious creativity. Your dance through the days, weeks, and months will grow more exciting and nourishing!

Seeking and discovering your purposefulness and power is the way of Jupiter. As you open your heart to living a quality of life that you may of believed was beyond reach, the magic happens. There will be surprises and unexpected twists and turns and this adds a lot of fun to things! Keep honing your awareness and you will find yourself trusting your inner knowing and guidance. On top of all this, by seeking your own well-being, you will know how you want to impact others. Touching lives with your gifts fills the heart and brings healing to our planet.

Much love, joy, and learning to you as you journey forward into Virgo with Jupiter!

*Jupiterís position and length of stay in Virgo is based on sidereal astrology, which shows you where the Sun, Moon, and planets actually are in the sky. Students and clients find these sidereal positions (rather than tropical) in their star charts more accurate and inspiring. For more information, please head over to www.shamanicstarknowledge.com or to the sister site, www.aquarianastrology.com. These are new links that are not yet posted to the personal information above.