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Weekly Shamanic Astrology

with Ken Robinson

Ken RobinsonShamanic Star Knowledge is based on an ancient way of seeking guidance from the stars. It is knowledge that has been brought forth while spirit journeying into the night sky to meet with the Spirits and Sky Beings. These incredibly loving and enormously intelligent Beings, which include the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, are eager to help us humans awaken. They are excited to assist us in creating a new paradigm on our planet.

The knowledge and energies they generously offer are extraordinary life-enhancing gifts. Ken Robinson is the founder and teacher of Shamanic Star Knowledge. From his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he offers Star Chart Readings, Apprenticeships, and Classes. His in-depth study of astrology originated in 1980. In 1995, he began his long-term apprenticeship in an ancient Peruvian shamanic tradition. Inspired, he used his shamanic abilities to journey to the stars. After many years of gathering star knowledge, Ken began teaching Shamanic Star Knowledge in 2005. His articles have been published in astrological magazines and he has been a frequent guest on various radio shows. 

For more information, please visit www.shamanicstarknowledge.com or the sister site, www.aquarianastrology.com. Ken can be reached at ken@eraoftheheart.com

Weekly Forecast for Humanity's Awakening

Neptune And The Calling of The Bridge People

This present time in human history is a particularly extraordinary one. Ancient cultures prophesied this time to be one of profound shifting from a fear-based power-over paradigm to a paradigm of awakening to the heart. During this unstoppable shifting, the Bridge People will be called forth. It is when individuals who want to thrive in their Beingness will freely chose to become aware of their Spirits and their purpose for being here. They will feel strong inspiration to bring forward their unconditional love, gifts, and abilities to help our planet and all life on it. They will feel a powerful desire to touch the lives of others, so that they too may discover their gifts and find direction in their lives.

This is a very exciting time. If you are reading this, you might ask yourself, "Do I want to be a Bridge Person?"There's no pressure here. It is something that you'd discover, like finding a treasure in your heart.

Neptune's position in our birth charts reveals a good deal about our inspirations, spiritual abilities, and gifts. For example, my Neptune is in Libra in the 5th house. It has shown me time after time just how much I delight I experience in helping others discover who they are as wondrous Beings. When transiting Uranus and Neptune made a square (a 90 degree angle) to my natal Neptune, I felt my strong desire to be a Bridge Person. Then the magic unfolded. I studied shamanism and then applied the tools and knowledge I learned to astrology. After cultivating shamanic star knowledge for many years with the help of the Spirits, I began offering services as a star shaman, or shamanic astrologer. I love my life! There's never a dull moment. If being a star shaman calls to you, feel free to contact me to explore possibilities and to begin your apprenticeship.

Neptune is presently dancing in the middle of the constellation of Aquarius, or the Water Bearer. I use this sidereal position of Neptune and the other planets because I have found the sidereal astrological system to speak strongly to the spiritual aspects of who and we really are. Sidereal astrology shows us where things are actually in the sky, whereas the tropical system puts things about 24 degrees ahead of where the sun, moon, and planets actually lie in the sky. This may at first sound a bit confusing to people when they find this out. I was amazed when I first learned that there were two different systems for calculating a star chart. Interestingly, when I recalculated my chart from the tropical to sidereal, my natal sun landed in Pisces. I could relate so much more to a Sun in Pisces rather than the tropical position of Aries! My students and clients have felt this way about their changes in sun and moon signs, too! They felt much more at home with the sidereal placements. It was like a confirmation of what they knew deep inside themselves.

Transiting Neptune in Aquarius graciously offers inspiration and guidance. The energy is all about helping people wake up to their own vibrant and capable Spirit, or True Self. When we connect with the Neptune on a spiritual basis, it assists us being all of who we can be, which includes discovering aspects of ourselves that are beyond time and space. When we discover these aspects about ourselves, there is a big shift from within, and this brings a delight that is absolutely delicious. Again, your star chart will reveal more about these aspects of the Real You!

There are many ways you can serve as a Bridge Person. There is no one way that is better than another. If you feel a desire to be a Bridge Person, let the universe and Spirits know you seek guidance. Offer them a gift, such as bee pollen, a song, or something else that comes from your heart. Then see what comes up inside you and what comes to your path. Sense inspiration when you are reading something or when you hear something on the radio, internet, or TV. Let yourself not get attached to preconceived notions on how you will find your direction as a Bridge Person. You will find out.

If you feel called to explore life as a star shaman, an apprenticeship in the Shamanic Star Knowledge Program will give you the opportunity to be a Bridge Person through developing an intimate connection with the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. This will bring healing and knowledge to you first. Then, as you feel guided, you can pass these on to others. If you have already been on a path of healing and knowledge, an apprenticeship will take you into new depths and riches on your journey.

If you feel called in another direction, go with the feeling of that. Seek what lights you up, what gives you the "yes I want that" sensation. As you come to trust your Self on ever new levels, you will be just where you want to be. And when you are there, the journey will just get more and more interesting and extraordinary.