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with Ken Robinson - teacher, seer, and healer of Ka Ta See - Ways of the Eastern Andes

Ken Robinson

Ka Ta See means "setting the world in balance." It is an ancient medicine story knowledge that assists people in waking up to their extraordinary aliveness and potency. Ken Robinson is a teacher and healer of an unbroken 30,000 year-old lineage of teachers of Ka Ta See, which was brought from the Eastern Andes to the western culture by Domano and Chea Hetaka, elders of the tradition. The Hetakas taught Ka Ta See to Kay Cordell Whitaker, author of The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link, in her thirteen year apprenticeship with them, and Ken has studied with Kay since 1997. While astrology as we know it was not part of the ancient tradition, Ken has applied Ka Ta See to astrology to create a shamanic star knowledge that assists us creating the Era of the Heart - a new paradigm of unconditional love and well-being on Mother Earth. This shamanic astrology column reveals what the Spirits want to share in order to help us manifest this wondrous new way of being with each other and our planet. For more information, please visit www.EraoftheHeart.com or contact Ken at Ken@EraoftheHeart.com.

Weekly Forecast for Humanity's Awakening

Saturn in Scorpio - Are you going with the river or against it?

Emotional overwhelm is rising to the surface of the western culture. People are unsettled and anxious. With sidereal Saturn transiting through sidereal Scorpio, this is an opportune time to ask, “What am I doing with my inner life?“ ”What am I carrying around that makes me feel so uneasy or heavy?” “What can I discover by looking within that feels safe, inspiring, and worthwhile?”

Our culture’s long-standing means for coping with uncertainty is to grasp for security. We hang onto relationships, jobs, routines, money, and things. We cling to what’s familiar, like our fears, shoulds, personal history, and old stashed emotions to try to feel OK.

While our craving for security is very understandable, it leaves us unbalanced and distracted. There is another way to move forward.

It’s a good thing that our inner lives are getting stirred up. It indicates that something deep within us wants to emerge. That something is our true identity, our genuine Self. Our own unique Spirit seeks to come out of hiding and express itself and its abilities!

When we keep the door closed to what is rising from within, we not only hide our Self, our own Song, we end up carrying around a lot of old unhealthy baggage. This makes things hard on ourselves. It makes us sick. It is going against the river of life.

Going with the river of life means letting go of our clinginess. It is the allowing of our baggage and stagnancy to be swept away into the current, gone forever. This needs to be part of our spiritual walk if we want to awaken. To clear away the old has its challenges, so let’s explore what can help to let it go.

First, we need to go within and cultivate a rich inner life. Otherwise, things will just stay the same - all messy, distorted, and tense. The universe will back our journey within and assist us every step of the way.

Second, we need knowledge. The most important knowledge is knowing our own true Beingness and learning how to identify with the feeling of it. This awareness allows us to distinguish between our real Self and the old patterns that are not us. This makes it much easier to notice and let go of old habits that make our life hard. Life doesn’t have to be hard!

It’s natural to seek support as part of your quest to know your true Beingness, gifts, and potentials. Star Chart Readings, Chart Counseling, and experiencing the Ceremony of Finding Your Song are ways to go with the river. They’ll help you trust your Self so that you can let go of the old and bring in the wonders that live inside you.

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