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Astrology of the New Era

with Ken Robinson - teacher, seer, and healer of Ka Ta See - Ways of the Eastern Andes

Ken Robinson

Ka Ta See means "setting the world in balance." It is an ancient medicine story knowledge that assists people in waking up to their extraordinary aliveness and potency. Ken Robinson is a teacher and healer of an unbroken 30,000 year-old lineage of teachers of Ka Ta See, which was brought from the Eastern Andes to the western culture by Domano and Chea Hetaka, elders of the tradition. The Hetakas taught Ka Ta See to Kay Cordell Whitaker, author of The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link, in her thirteen year apprenticeship with them, and Ken has studied with Kay since 1997. While astrology as we know it was not part of the ancient tradition, Ken has applied Ka Ta See to astrology to create a shamanic star knowledge that assists us creating the Era of the Heart - a new paradigm of unconditional love and well-being on Mother Earth. This shamanic astrology column reveals what the Spirits want to share in order to help us manifest this wondrous new way of being with each other and our planet. For more information, please visit www.EraoftheHeart.com or contact Ken at Ken@EraoftheHeart.com.

Weekly Forecast for Humanity's Awakening

Full Moon Eclipse and A Diamond in The Night

Just after midnight, in the stillness of April 15th’s night sky, a Total Lunar Eclipse took place. It was a profound astrological event between the Sun, Earth, and Moon, in which the Earth and all her inhabitants stood in exact alignment between the Sun in Aries (The Ram) and the Moon in Libra (The Balance).

The Moon took on a deep reddish hue during its ecliptic alignment, as if it was extending a warm and tender hand upon our planet. It’s energetic touch has a long-lasting effect, like a large wave in the ocean that ripples out to share its gifts with every continent it can reach.

At the same time the Moon was being eclipsed, the planets Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, and conjoined Uranus/Mercury formed a Diamond in the heavens. The Diamond cradled the Earth inside its center.

Eclipsing Your Present Way of Caring and Relating

What do these astrological alignments offer humanity?

We can notice limiting ways of interacting and move beyond them. We can put behind us habits of communicating that have been preventing us from going to wondrous new places in our relationships.

Libra is all about relationships. The first and primary relationship is with our own unique Beingness. In Ka Ta See we poetically refer to our Beingness as our “Song.” Learning about our own true nature is a profound undertaking. In our western culture, we are taught to forget our Song at a young age and become who others want us to be.

When we do not perceive and know our own Song, how can we really perceive and know someone else?

With unconditional acceptance, the Full Moon in Libra reveals how we have separated ourselves from our Beingness. It likewise guides us on a path to feeling and sharing the kindness and presence of our Song.

The Sun in Aries reveals the courage we have inside us to be willing to see what gifts and passions await us, if we step forward to relate in fresh and exciting ways.

The planetary array of the Diamond in the Sky speaks to the added importance of listening to the words we use.

Words have long been used as weapons in our world. Criticism and belittling beats ourselves and others into submission. Sharp words and glances bring a big sting to their targets. Judgments squeeze the joy and life out of our hearts. Withholding words of encouragement is like sucking the air out of a room.

Each of us has a unique Song that is peaceful and healing by its very nature. Words that are hurtful, condescending, or plastic reveal that we are forgetting who we really are. When we find and speak words that bring understanding, curiosity, and acceptance, we know we are on track in relating with awareness from our exquisite Beingness.

The Lunar Eclipse and the Diamond in the night are stellar events that stimulate awakening to our Beingness. There’s no time like now to know your own Song.

In Song, you can create relationships beyond belief!

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