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Astrology of the New Era

with Ken Robinson - teacher, seer, and healer of Ka Ta See - Ways of the Eastern Andes

Ken Robinson

Ka Ta See means "setting the world in balance." It is an ancient medicine story knowledge that assists people in waking up to their extraordinary aliveness and potency. Ken Robinson is a teacher and healer of an unbroken 30,000 year-old lineage of teachers of Ka Ta See, which was brought from the Eastern Andes to the western culture by Domano and Chea Hetaka, elders of the tradition. The Hetakas taught Ka Ta See to Kay Cordell Whitaker, author of The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link, in her thirteen year apprenticeship with them, and Ken has studied with Kay since 1997. While astrology as we know it was not part of theancient tradition, Ken has applied Ka Ta See to astrology to create a shamanic star knowledge that assists us creating the Era of the Heart - a new paradigm of unconditional love and well-being on Mother Earth. This shamanic astrology column reveals what the Spirits want to share in order to help us manifest this wondrous new way of being with each other and our planet. For more information, please visit www.EraoftheHeart.com or contact Ken at Ken@EraoftheHeart.com.

Weekly Forecast for Humanity's Awakening

Looking For Your Truth

What does it take to know truth?

What's it's like when you turn on the TV, open up to a site on the internet, or read the newspaper? Do you feel like you can find truth in any of these places?

Or perhaps guideposts to the truth?

How often have you observed yourself or another say one thing but mean another? Although not much truth is being exchanged, it is understandable that we do such things. We tend to be afraid of truth and the impact it may have. And truth to be truth needs to be communicated with kindness and deep caring. Otherwise truth turns into dogma, judgment, and condemnation. That tears up hearts.

We easily can kid ourselves about truth. We all know what it's like when we are in a snit and our emotions are screaming inside our heads. We think we know the truth and feel justified about our dramas and inner warring. It is so seductive to con ourselves into thinking that we are right.

So where can you find truth?

Indigenous peoples who lived in love and respect knew that real truth or real knowledge comes from first-hand experience, experience that you have while you are feeling your True Spiritual Self. This suggests that the key is to know what the feeling of your Beingness is really like. You knew it as a child. You can find that feeling again and live in it. This will awaken your inner perception in an extraordinary way. You will have insight about your personal truth that is as keen as an owl's perceptiveness and inner knowing.

According to the sidereal astrology, Uranus is now in the constellation of Pisces. Uranus speaks to humanity's capability to wake up out of the box of obsolete western cultural thinking. Neptune helps us reveal our illusions so that we can turn our attention to our Spiritual Selves and the Spirit World. In other words, it is a wonderful time to seek and bring back the feeling of your Beingness and live in close connection with all kinds of Spirit Helpers, the way the ancients did.

As you come to know yourself more fully, your sense of truth is very personal and very rich. It is not better or less than the truth of another. It is amazing and fulfilling to know and live your truth. When you live it you share it. You will have a glow about you that comes from the inner knowing that resides in your center. You become a gift to others because you are willing to allow them to discover and live their own truths. This adds to the collective truth of humanity and inspires a whole new level of consciousness on our planet.